Tuesday, 29 March 2011

BBC TV Ident 1953 - The Batwings

Abram Games BBC Television Symbol is re-animated here. It's not 100% as I'd like it, the wings don't look right and the lighting effects are a bit dodgy as a result.

BBC1 Clock 2002 (never broadcast)

Apparently, this clock was ticking away happily in the background but we know it was never shown on BBC1. Accurately re-made in Flash.

Monday, 28 March 2011

BBC2 Continuity 1967

In 1967, colour had officially come to BBC2. However, an official colour ident had not! Contrary to popular belief, during the test phase they simply used the old style presentation luma-keyed, then when colour went full time in 1967 they just used these holding slides to introduce programmes. It wasn't until all channels were going colour in 1969 that the famous rotating coloured 2's were introduced.

BBC1 Midlands Opt Out 1968

BBC Midlands opts out for it's own regional programming in 1968.

BBC1 Schools Ident 1963

Many thanks to a man who shall remain nameless for the original footage from which I recreated this.

BBC1 West Ident 1974 to 1976 (approx)

This is by no means accurate as I have never seen the original. It was described to me by a person who has seen it, and this is as close as I got to his description. Apparently the image should be more curved.

ITV Schools clock 1974

I've taken the liberty of replacing the normal library music that would accompany this clock with another piece of music that a friend suggested. If you are familiar with the music used normally with these clocks, you'll probably agree that the piece of music I have used is very similar in style. It is from the soundtrack to the film 'Rushmore'.

BBC2 1972 to 1974 era

BBC2's 1969 ident was on film and consisted of a rotating cube with coloured number 2's spinning round, after a lengthy formation sequence. In 1972, this was simplified and mechanised, coloured using Luma-Key with a blue background and cyan ident. Here we see a start-up recreated from the era. Please forgive the slight mistake on the shadowing of the clock...

The original start up was something I found on YouTube...

Welcome to Pres Heaven

Pres Heaven started out as a website originally. Having never had a proper place for this website to reside and then losing the places I did have, I have suddenly decided it was better off as a blog anyway! The URL has been pointing to my YouTube channel for some time, but Firefox now tells me that YouTube don't allow you to display your channel in a frame any more, so it was a bit naff that you had to click to open in a new tab / window.

The blog will consist of my own recreations of British Television Idents and Presentation / Continuity paraphernalia. I do these in Flash, inspired by the brilliant Kecske Bak AKA Dave Jeffery. I will get around to doing something with the layout of the blog at some point.

I have to post the recreations as videos from my YouTube channel. Occasionally, I may have to upload them to the blog directly as the functions for finding videos from your own channel or even just searching YouTube to place the video on the blog are not working terribly well for me.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy!